When in Doubt of Violations to your Constitutional Rights, Consult With a Lawyer in Gallatin, TN

A routine stop-and-search inspection in Rutherford County turned into something more controversial. When 21-year-old Chris Kalbaugh was pulled over, he had a hidden video camera installed in his car, which recorded what happened at the DUI checkpoint. The video showed tension between Kalbaugh and Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy A.J. Ross. The deputy told him to lower his window, which Kalbaugh did, but he refused to bring it down further. Officers told him to get out of the car but Kalbaugh also refused since it violated his constitutional right to travel without being randomly detained.

The video was posted online and gained a lot of attention. It raised questions on what rights an individual has when flagged down by the police. In cases like these, it’s better to consult with a lawyer in Gallatin, TN such as Kenneth J. Phillips to go through the events one by one. Not everyone has a camera on hand to record dubious events.


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