Stricter Enforcement of DUI Laws in Tennessee, as Reminded by Lawyers in Gallatin, TN

Under the Booze It and Lose It campaign, Tennessee’s new anti-drunk driving initiative, stricter enforcement of the rules and regulations against DUI violations can be expected. The campaign targets the period from August 21, 2013 through to the Labor Day holiday since fatalities tend to be higher during the Labor Day weekend. People who are caught driving under influence, especially first-time offenders, will get stricter sanctions than those usually expected. To make the holidays safer, additional checkpoints, deputies, roadblocks and saturation patrols will also be enforced.

Law enforcers including lawyers in Gallatin, TN are reminding everyone to be more cautious of their safety on the road. The stricter enforcement and severity of the laws is to deter potential offenders. Not to mention that DUIs will be on record for life. For consultations regarding DUI laws, one can consult with lawyers who specialize in them such as Kenneth J. Philips.


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